Howard Chrisco Ozarks boy Howard Chrisco survived not only the Bataan Death March, but also, a daring rescue.
November 11th, 2019
St Peters cathedral regensburg Find out more about this great example of a medieval city in Germany.
November 10th, 2019
St Stephens Cathedral Passau On day #4 of our Viking River Cruise to Europe, we hoofed it through Passau and found museums and sausages.
November 1st, 2019
melk abbey We moved into Austria on the Danube River and visited truly a one-of-a-kind opulent monastery, Melk Abbey.
October 22nd, 2019
Hofberg palace Day 2 started early and lasted a long time, with several fascinating sites and tastes of Vienna.
October 9th, 2019
Budapest city view This was the first stop of our 2-week river cruise in Hungary, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands.
October 8th, 2019
I just love to read the names of silly sounding cities and wonder, as we roll along Missouri's highways.
September 21st, 2019
Bonnie and Clyde apartment Joplin It's still there, right off the street in Joplin, Missouri. Step back in time to the 1930s and see where Bonnie and Clyde holed up for a while.
September 15th, 2019
Mary Lou Corn artist Mary Lou Corn is a world-renowned watercolorist and talked to me about a hobby she enjoys outdoors in the Ozarks.
August 31st, 2019
Alley Spring mill race It's the most photographed mill in the Missouri Ozarks, situated near a lovely, gushing spring.
August 21st, 2019
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