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the Accidental Ozarkian, and I'd like to invite you to visit the Ozarks (and beyond) with me – someone who never takes the people or settings for granted and who goes off the beaten track again and again.

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  • Keeping Track of Collections

    In this post, Elsie Chrisco gives us tips for keeping track of collections. I interviewed Mrs. Chrisco in St. James in 2001, and her advice is relevant today -- especially if you are a collector. ...

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    Keeping Track of Collections
  • Viking River Cruise Day #10: Koblenz, Germany

    We never tired of seeing the scenes as we cruised by castles, cathedrals, vineyards and village life along the rivers of Germany. On day #10, we spent the morning on the scenic deck atop the ship, ...

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    Viking River Cruise Day #10: Koblenz, Germany
  • Shed Hunting in the Ozarks

    So, I’m standing at the customer side of the checkout counter at a Trader Joe’s in St. Louis. The checker – a guy who looks like he surfs in his spare time in California – seemed really interested in ...

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    Shed Hunting in the Ozarks

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